Hi, I'm Melissa Enriquez- a constant doodler at best, a graphic artist by trade, obsessed with subtle irony, enthralled with self identity and I also dabble with cooking. I suppose I could be considered an enigma because of the many layers that make up my entity. However, if there were one major value that would define me, it would be my enthusiasm for creativity. Don't let the silliness of my personal work fool you- I'm a goal oriented individual who has proven to be extremely hard working. It's passion that drives me to do what I love for a living and I'm just having a great time every step of the way.

It all started in 2006 when I graduated San Diego State University. I earned a bachelor's degree in art with an emphasis in graphic design. Since the first time I turned on a computer, my love for art led me to explore the world of graphics. It was the turn of a digital age and of course, I knew I wanted to learn more about new tools in creating art. After college, I geared my focus towards working with apparel companies. Being able to create art and use fabric as my canvas seemed to naturally power my creativity and eagerness to learn more about the multifaceted world of fashion.

Since then, I've worked for highly reputable companies while my curiosity and requisite to learn has helped me dip my toes in various job functions relating to my craft. I thrive on gaining knowledge through experience so I can become a better artist, graphic artist, designer, an all around generator. What can I say, I love to create and I want to share my passion with you.

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