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While working with the Levi's license for kid's clothing; I was fortunate enough to be a part of this collaboration with The Tot- a one stop shop of mindfully curated, non-toxic, innovative and stylish product for parents and their babies. For this project, I hand drew and painted fun, youthful imagery on one of a kind original trucker jackets for The Tot's website. The collaboration gained mass exposure and had a great response.

From The Tot:

"Levi's original trucker jacket has added edge to any style and has become synonymous with American culture. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Levi's and The Tot put their minds together to produce a limited edition of baby and kids trucker jackets featuring art-pop patches and hand drawn art that are timeless as they are original. With fewer than 90 available, they're all unique and the foundation for the next generation of Levi's lovers." 

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